Dr. Patrick Esser

Research Fellow (Movement Science)

Patrick was awarded a BSc (2007) in Medical Technology from Zuyd University, The Netherlands. As part of his BSc project he spent 6 months at the University of Calgary, Canada with Dr. Walter Herzog working on a project concerning muscle fibre recruitments. Following this, he started a Mphil with the Movement Science Group at Oxford Brookes University. In 2009 he transferred from Mphil to PhD by obtaining funding trough the Wellcome Trust Foundation.

During his Mphil/PhD he developed a gait monitor based on inertial measurement units that provides objective data on (non-)neurological gait measurements. More information can be found on the Movement Science Group Website. He finished his PhD in 2011 with his doctoral thesis entitled “The use of inertial measurements for determination of gait temporospatial measurements”.

His research interests lie within the broad field of Biomechanics. His special interest lies within movement analysis in (non-) neurological conditions.

Peer reviewed publications

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Non-peer reviewed publications

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